Bill Nieranowski

For most of my adult life I have had an interest in creating art.  Creating art is a pursuit that presents endless challenges if one is willing to accept them.  No matter how proficient one becomes, there are always new aspects to master. Painting is truly a life long learning experience.

I  now devote more time to honing my skills as an artist and have studied with accomplished artists Howard Park, David Baggarly, Sister Maria Joseph Nace and Jack Montmeat.  

My principal medium is oils though I have used watercolor on occasion.  My goal is to create art that is "entertaining to the eye, and interesting to the mind" through the use of colors and shapes. I find my inspiration in creating well thought out pieces that meet the criteria of good art.

My work has been shown in many exhibits in Rhode Island and Connecticut including the LaGrua Center, the Bill Krul Gallery, Save the Bay, and the Hoxie Gallery.

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